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Westminster, Md car vehicle tow truck finksburg towingHave you broken down or need to tow a vehicle to another location? If you answered yes, you are in need of a tow truck driver. Call us for immediate towing service in Westminster, MD - 24-hours a day!

Top Reasons We Provide Towing Westminster, MD (21157, 21158):

Vehicle accident
If you are involved in a car accident, you or someone on the scene will need to call for a tow truck immediately. Your car needs to be moved off the road and allow traffic to move. You can request any tow truck and do not need to use one provided by police. We can recover vehicles that have gone off the road, rolled over or are in water.

Car, truck is broken down Instead of being stranded let us rescue you after breaking down. Depending on where you are and what time of day it is, this could be extremely dangerous. We have the power to tow anything.

Flat tire It can be scary if a tire blows while you are driving, and it can be a real hassle when it comes time to change. Call us and we can help change it for the spare.

finksburg tow truck tractor trailerHeavy Duty Towing Needs We have the power to tow anything - trucks, rvs, ambulances, etc. Learn more

Buzzy Shamer Towing has been helping clients safely tow vehicles, cars, heavy trucks and farm equipment in Westminster since 1977. One call and Buzzy will arrive immediately to offer expert towing services.

Hire someone who can get the job done in Westminster, MD. We offer the QUICKEST TOW in Carroll County.

For 24 hr Westminster Tow Truck Call Buzzy Shamer Towing, today at 410-848-1545

* Towing rates depend on distance, weather conditions, vehicle being towed, etc. For more info on our auto services visit towingcarrollcounty.com

Where do you need to be towed?

Buzzy Shamer Towing & Used Car Parts can move your vehicle to your garage, home or bodyshop. Ask us for references for local body shops. We offer 24-hour dispatch

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