Tow or recover your vehicle, truck or boat from underwater in Baltimore and Carroll County, Md

Underwater vehicle recovery can present challenges that Buzzy Shamer Towing is ready to handle. These operations can be dangerous if not directed correctly, but at Buzzy Shamer Towing, our team is prepared to meet underwater challenges because we have the extensive knowledge and training that this kind of situation requires.

From Finksburg, Md to Westminster, through Carroll, Baltimore and Howard County we can help you.
There are many factors and possible hazards to consider during the removal of an underwater vehicle. We need to think primarily about the human safety issue, but we then need to take into account possible complications that could arise from fuel or cargo leaks. Our team explores all angles and possibilities to get the job done safely.

If your vehicle is sinking, flooded, or submerged, you will want to get it out of the water as quickly as possible to avoid as much damage as possible. With a fast response, we will ensure your vehicle gets out of the water and back on the road.

We use our tow trucks, cranes, personal scuba diving and additional equipment to safely pull your vehicle out of the water.

We have a Master Diver License and can recover anything that is underwater in Maryland.

With our master diver & scuba diving license we have been called upon to remove other items such as jewelry that have dropped into the Baltimore Inner Harbor or other water.

We have a spill kit to quickly stop water contamination from oil or fluids.
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